Friday, 8 May 2015

Reporting the Action!

Becka, one of our young people, who finished university last June has spent the last six months in Mozambique with one of the Baptist Mission Society (BMS) Action Teams. Becka joined three gap year students, Rachel, Steve and Ben. Together, after initial training, they helped in the Kedesh orphanage – getting alongside children, teaching English and being of help in every practical way possible.

Now they are touring Britain, visiting their home and other churches, speaking about the orphanage, the Baptist Church in Mozambique and the country in general. This week they have been based at St Paul’s, visiting the activities here but also in schools and neighbouring churches. Last night, they visited one of the home groups. In the first half, they talked about their experiences and the country. Then, after tea or coffee, they lead a Bible study.

We then spent a time of prayer for them and for Mozambique, and lit candles around the outline of a cross.

Thank you for your visit, and we wish you God’s every the blessing in your future careers.

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