Monday, 15 January 2007

How to use this blog - Calendar

How does the calendar work?

In the right hand column there is an online calendar for all events and activities taking place at St Paul's Church and the Barnabas Centre.

We now use Google Calendar for all our bookings. The calendar embedded in the blog is constantly updated, which makes it easy to share information without lots of work.

The calendar includes buttons and a scroll bar, so you can check any date in the future or the past. Click on an event and you'll see further details, usually including contact information for the activity.

If you run a group that uses our facilities, you can check the calendar to confirm that the bookings have been made. If you want to amend the contact information, please get in touch.

Click on the 'help and tips' label for more about using the blog.

There's information for leaders and organisers of groups that use our buildings here.