Thursday, 22 September 2016

Thought for the Day

Yesterday morning I broadcast live my Thought for the Day on BBC Radio Leicester. You can listen to it here. (Move the slider to 46:12 minutes) They have been broadcasting on the road this week and were in Wigston yesterday. I was also interviewed afterwards. It was an early start, the Thought for the Day is at about 6.45am!

Here is the text of it:
In 1888 Alfred Nobel woke up one morning and read his own obituary in the local newspaper. It went as follows “Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite who died yesterday, devised a way for killing more people faster than ever. He died a very rich man.”
It was in fact Alfred’s older brother, Ludvig who had died. But Alfred was devastated and hated the idea of being remembered for developing a means to kill people and for amassing lots of money. So instead he decided to make a fresh start and initiated the Nobel prizes. His last will and testament set aside the bulk of his estate, giving the equivalent of $250 million US dollars to fund prizes for scientists and writers who foster peace.
As a Christian I believe that God offers us a fresh start at any time and that no one is beyond His love and grace. Through the death of Jesus Christ on the cross, all our sin and shame has been dealt with. His rising again offers us hope. The past has been dealt with; our future is assured, so we can live in peace and hope today.