Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Wellspring – The Persecuted Church.

Both the Archbishop of Canterbury’s and the Pope’s Easter messages included their concern for the problems of the persecuted church. Particularly disliked by the Islamic State, but much more widely persecuted than that across the globe, Christians are being much persecuted – with beheadings, bombings, killings of ordained ministers and their congregations and abductions of their children.

Each month, the Oadby churches hold a Sunday evening alternative worship service called Wellspring, which this month was held at St Peter’s Church. The service was led by our rector, Michael Rusk, and one of St Paul's readers, Colin Chettle.

The service included accounts of Christian persecution – both historical and current and a video highlighting the seriousness of the current situation.

There was also music, silence, meditation and prayer.

A retiring collection was taken for the churches which had recently been bombed in Lahore.