Monday, 23 February 2015

Welcome to Ellen Price – and Farewell!

Yesterday, we were pleased to welcome the Revd Ellen Price, minister of Oadby Baptist Church, as the preacher at our morning service. This was part of a preacher exchange – our vicar, Steve Bailey was taking part in the service at the Baptist Church.

It was especially good to welcome Ellen as she will soon be leaving Oadby to be one of the Regional Ministers of the East Midlands Baptist Association. When she was interviewed by Hugh James, she told how surprised she had been to be led by God into the Christian Ministry, let alone to become a Regional Minister. She spoke of her concern of how the church should go outside to meet people where they were, with news of the love of Christ, rather than just inviting them to come into church.

In her sermon, she spoke about the account of how Jesus was found eating with the outcasts of Jewish society – (extortionate) tax collectors and prostitutes. She spoke about how in the name of Christ, we should go outside our comfort zones.

Ellen – thank you for being with us yesterday and for all that you have done in Oadby over the last 6 years. May God bless you in your role as a Regional Minister.