Saturday, 7 February 2015

Looking to the Future

Today, the church’s governing body, the District Church Council, or DCC, spent the day at the church rooms at St Denis Church Evington. The purpose of this awayday was to seek to discover what God might be wanting us to do in the future. Stephen led us in looking back at our strapline “A church for all ages, cultures, backgrounds and nationalities, growing and following Jesus that had been developed two years ago. Much of that vision had indeed been achieved, but now he believed that God wanted to lead us on.

The day started with a time of Taizé style worship, with a reading from Ephesians: 1. After looking back, and a time of stillness, we broke into groups and considered our priorities for the future. Different groups produced different lists, which were put up around the room. Then, during the buffet lunch, the whole group marked which potential developments they felt were the priorities. At a further session, some of those developments were worked out in greater detail.

A very productive day finished with a simple act of Holy Communion. Having sensed the Spirit of God overruling the day, we look forward to seeing how he will lead us in the future.