Monday, 15 December 2014

It Is Better to Give Than to Receive

Yesterday was our gift service, in the context of our All Age Service, when our uniformed organisations were present. A skit by our “Tribe” youth group showed the futility and stupidity of always seeking the latest electronic gizmo (see photo insert).

After Steve (our vicar) had talked about the value of real gifts, especially of Christ’s gift of himself to us, we then gave gifts to be given by those much less fortunate than ourselves. As people came forward, the piles of gifts grew to extraordinary numbers. Some went to a women’s refuge, some to “Gifts on the Table” for needy children, and some to refugees being cared for by the “Welcome Project.”

Our prayer is that these gifts may respond to particular needs, of which we are unaware; may they demonstrate the love of Christ, who as a baby was so poor.