Saturday, 8 February 2014

The Big Promise – We All Promised

As part of the “big promise” event (see previous blog) 18 couples gathered at St Paul’s soon after 4 PM on Saturday 8 February. Although this was mainly a St Paul’s event, we were joined by several couples from other churches. Each couple was registered after showing their Marriage Certificate and then had their photograph taken with their certificate.
Although this event was part of a nationwide attempt at a Guinness book of records record for the number of couples renewing their vows at the same time, Steve Bailey made it clear that we were gathered for a very serious purpose in renewing our vows. There were reminiscences about the hymns and readings that had featured in the original wedding services and account of how many years people have been married – from 7 to nearly 60.

The service included prayers and blessings and a homily on the meaning of true love by J John was read. At 5:15 PM a cameraman and videographer came to the stage, as required by the organisers and the recommitment of vows was taken as each couple faced each other to renew their vows.

At the end of the event we all celebrated with sparkling wine and cake. We hope that our numbers will help the organisers to reach the required record. But even should that fail (and indications suggest that it won’t) it had been a worthwhile event in our marriages.