Monday, 24 February 2014

Something Worth Reading

In many parts of the world, Christians consider themselves very fortunate if they own a New Testament. The whole Bible may not even have been translated into their mother tongue or, if it has been, may be beyond what they can afford to spend. In England, we are in a much more fortunate situation. There are Bibles available suitable for every reading ability and every age.

There is also an enormous amount of other Christian literature. This varies from Bible reading aids, study literature, devotional literature and accounts of the lives of past and present Christians.

Yesterday, members of the Christian Literature Crusade, who run a Christian bookshop in Bishop Street, brought some of their wares to St Paul’s at the time of the morning service, so that over coffee, after the service, people could study the range of material available and buy what they would find helpful.

Many local shops are under threat, and the slogan “use it or lose it” is as true for Christian bookshops as for other retailers. Hopefully, this will have helped their sales and will have increased people’s understanding of the background to their faith.