Wednesday, 19 February 2014

New Members

The diocese of Leicester has just released “Growing Together,” a summary of "Statistics for Mission" returns from 2013.

This gives a wealth of statistics, but perhaps most interesting is that, over this five period, over 2000 people joined our local Anglican churches, of which half had never worshipped at any church before. During this time, somewhat over 1000 people had either left or died.

In his introduction to the report, Bishop Tim, the Bishop of Leicester, wrote: “On any reading of the Gospels, it is clear that it is the task of Christians to make disciples. We are called to invite others into the fellowship of those who follow Jesus Christ. From  time to time it is important to pause and consider how well we are doing that. In recent years, our Department of Mission and Ministry has been in the lead in the Church of England in enabling us to understand our statistics for mission and in producing some of the very best training programmes to help us respond to the challenge of Church growth.

We all know that in the end it is not in our own strength that this work is done, but in the power of the Holy Spirit. Statistics change and times and opportunities change. But year by year the information which we receive about the fruit of our mission becomes increasingly important in helping us understand what God is calling us to do and giving us the tools to do it.

I very much hope you will take these figures seriously and consider carefully how they are enabling each of our parishes and mission partnerships to become more effective in responding to the task which Jesus Christ has given us in our day.”

The full report can be found here.