Sunday, 2 February 2014

BIG Promise –"Together – We will!!" – 4 February 2014

This week is National Marriage Week. Even though he never married, Jesus had a very high view of marriage, seeing it as a gift that God gave society at creation. This year, the Marriage Week Organisation is celebrating National Marriage Week with “The Big Promise.” This is an attempt to break the world record for the largest ever renewal of marriage vows. The organisation explains:

Marriage vows are the most long-term promises we ever make – to love and care for someone else for the rest of our lives! They are a commitment to put someone else’s interests as equal to our own, and they involve setting aside our own short-term ‘wants’ for long-term stability and satisfaction.

They are life changing – and have a huge impact on the way our lives work out. For those that make them they are ‘the BIG Promise’.

Every year more than a quarter of a million couples across the UK signify their commitment to each other by getting married – they make, explicitly or implicitly, promises to each other that form the bedrock on which successful marriages are built.

 And every year Marriage Week celebrates all those promises down the years, and seeks to encourage and support couples in their marriages.

In 2014 we plan that on 8th Feb, at 5,15pm, every couple in the UK will have the opportunity to re-affirm their Big promises to each other, and St Paul’s will be one venue. We plan to draw attention to the BIG Promise by coordinating those venues that wish to, in setting a new Guinness World Record for couples reaffirming their vows.

Couples taking part locally will have to arrive at St Paul’s well in advance of the act of renewal of commitment, say 4.0 p.m. to allow time to register. People will need some ID and their marriage certificate. The event will be videoed as a record that it happened.

After the ceremony, we hope to have champagne and cake.

That’s what the BIG Promise is all about – celebrating, supporting, strengthening couples across the nation! Do join us.
                                       "Together – We will!!"