Monday, 24 June 2013

The IFCampaign Rally – the Batchelors Report Back

The banner outside the church at present reads: “enough food for everyone, IF we act and pray.” The action of one family in the church, the Batchelors, was to go to London support the IF Campaign Rally on 9 June in Westminster Central Hall, Westminster, and then in Hyde Park. There, they joined 45,000 other like-minded people from 200 different charities.

At our service yesterday, Matilda presented a PowerPoint of their experiences. She described what it was like to be in the huge crowd. The rally was particularly calling for the developed world to Give enough Aid; for multinational companies to Stop Tax Dodging, which was depriving Third World countries of much-needed revenue that was rightfully theirs; for a Stop to Land Grabbing which meant that rather than being used for food, the land was growing biofuels; and overall for Transparency, so that it could be seen what companies were doing what.
 It was a scandal that one in eight people in the world went to bed hungry when there was actually enough food for all, and 3 million children died of malnutrition each year. The rally had been supported by many celebrities such as  Danny Boyle, Bill Gates, Rowan Williams, Justin Welby, Eddie Izzard, and other religious leaders.
The family brought with them the banners that they had carried on the march and invited other children in the church to come and wave them.

Let’s continue to pray for this campaign.