Sunday, 9 June 2013

Enough Food for Everyone IF...

The campaign "IF" is a campaign run by a coalition of relief and development agencies, some of which are Christian. The belief is that the cause of malnutrition and starvation in the world is not a lack of food – in fact there are often excesses, and land may even be "set aside." Rather, the problem is he is one of inequality caused by poverty, where people lack the ability to pay for what is available – a problem of equality. The problem is often made worse when multinationals in Third World countries avoid paying the taxes to those countries which would help lift the poor out of the gutter.

Yesterday, hoping to gain the attention of the G8 meeting of the finance ministers of leading economies, a large (many tens of thousands) rally was held in London by the organisers.

St Paul's has supported the campaign since its inception, and one family travelled to London to join the rally and show their support.

 We continue to pray that the IF campaign may make a real impact.