Thursday, 17 May 2012

A Third of a Millennium between Them!

This week, four of the members of St Paul's midweek group, Coffee Pot, celebrated important birthdays. Between them, Joyce, Edna, Phyllis, Vicki and Sheila (from left to right on the photo) celebrated 363 years. For Phyllis, it was the big 90 so there were balloons and fizz, which we all enjoyed. Many thanks to Phyllis and her family who also revealed photos of her early life. What a stunner!
We wish all these ladies many more happy and active years.
Keeping anniversaries is important for us as individuals and it is also so in the life of the church, as we remember the anniversaries of the events in Christ's work to set us free. In the communion service before the party, we remembered Christ's ascension as it is Ascension Day today, and we begin to prepare ourselves for another festival – Pentecost.
Let's keep on celebrating many more anniversaries.