Monday, 12 March 2018

Mothering Sunday

Yesterday was the fourth Sunday in Lent, or as it’s much better known, Mothering Sunday (not to be confused with the American version known as Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May!). Children in the congregation first of all took flowers to their mothers, and then to all the ladies in church.

During the prayers, people were invited to write on a paper petal the name of someone who was precious in their upbringing – including mothers but also others who played a significant part. These petals were brought to the front to form a flower. Karen then prayed for them and for all those who found this day difficult, because of their inability to have children, the loss of a child or a difficult relationship with their mother.

People either took their flowers home to their mothers, or left them behind the Holy Table, in which case, the rector promised that they would be planted in the church grounds.