Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Cross of Ashes – a Sign of Love

Tonight (14 February) the Churches Together in Oadby Ash Wednesday service was held at St Pauls.

In the service, Steve took the opportunity to show a DVD which reminded us of the origins of the service of the Ashes, in which a cross of ash is placed on believers’ foreheads – looking back to Ashes as a sign of sorrow in the Old Testament, Jesus’ forty days of testing in the wilderness which is commemorated by the 40 days of Lent, and Jesus act of love and forgiveness on the cross.

In his sermon, Steve remarked on the appropriateness, this year, of Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day coinciding. Both are acts of love, which need a response.

There was then a time of congregational confession. Everyone (who wanted it) was then marked in ash with the sign of the cross, and the words: “remember that we all come from dust and to dust we shall return.”

It was good to be able to start our season of Lent in this way