Saturday, 25 November 2017

Bishop's Lay Congress

St Paul’s is a member of the Church of England Diocese of Leicester. One of the valuable things about being part of a larger group is that is able to do things that we could not do not do on our own. One of these is “the Bishop’s Lay Congress” which has taken place in the autumn term for a decade.
This year, it was held at the Cathedral itself on Saturday 4 November. There were two principal speakers. In the morning Rodney Green, a former Chief Executive of Leicester City Council gave a challenging talk in which he showed, not only a decline in church numbers, but also a decreasing acceptance of Christian principles, such as the Ten Commandments – many did not consider covetousness or adultery wrong, and even murder was not absolute.
Because it was Armistice Day, 11 November, proceedings stopped after the first talk, as outsiders joined us in the cathedral and we held an act of remembrance, with a two-minute silence.
In the afternoon, the speaker was Bishop Martyn himself. And then there was a time of questions and answers.
All the speakers were very challenging and interesting. These three quotes give a taste of the talks:
Revd Rosie Woodall:: “We are Easter people and alleluia is our song.”
Bishop Martyn said: “The greatest challenge we have is to share the gift that is Jesus Christ.”
Rodney Green: “If you’re a Christian you cannot be optimistic but must be hopeful.”
It was a good day – and so was the lunch!
This event happens every year and is open to all non-ordained members of the parishes in Leicester Diocese. It is well worth coming along. Look out for the next one!