Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Thank You

Last Sunday (26 April) was the fourth Sunday of Lent. It was also – and much better known as – “Mothering Sunday.” As we look back on our lives, most of us have cause to be profoundly grateful for the gift of a mother. That remains true even when our mothers have passed away. But for those whose mothers are still alive, this is the great opportunity to say “thank you.”

At St Pauls we met together to worship God – and our readings included the way that, in his great suffering on the cross, Jesus had entrusted the care of his mother, Mary, to his disciple John. We may care for our mothers, but to manage to do so in those circumstances is exceptional.

Before the children left for Super Troopers (our Sunday School) and other youth activities, they collected gifts of flowers – primulas – which they first distributed to their own mothers and then to other ladies in the church.
To all our mothers – alive or dead – we say “thank you.”