Saturday, 4 February 2017

Three Key Questions

The Bishop of Leicester, Martyn Snow, is not surprisingly, keen to see growth in the Kingdom of God – growth in the depth of discipleship; growth in the number of disciples of Jesus; and growth in loving service to the world.

He has invited all Church Councils to discuss how, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we can better achieve these aims. So the District Church Council of St Paul’s Oadby, met today, 4 Febrary, to discuss each of these headings.

We met for five hours at the parish centre of St Denys’ Church, Evington. After an act of worship, we considered each of these aspects in the growth of the kingdom, in three sessions, and for each of the subjects we asked ourselves:
What are we already doing to facilitate this?
What gaps are we noticing?
Where is God leading us in the future?
And, realising that one cannot do everything, What needs to stop?
What needs to start?.
Each session was introduced by the vicar and followed by a discussion in groups, that was then shared.

Seeking to know how best we can attune ourselves to God’s vision for our church is difficult. As we consider the ways forward – what we should hold onto – and what we should change. We will be praying for the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Please pray for us