Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Ignite - 13th March 7pm

The theme this time looks at some of the heavy burdens we carry in life; stress, doubts, disappointments, hurts, anxieties, fears, bitterness, regrets and insecurities. Easter teaches us that we are loved more than we can ever imagine. Jesus offers to carry those heavy and life crushing burdens that weigh us down both day to day and forever.

Ignite is a worship space for young people and young adults to connect and explore God and faith through worship music, creative and reflective activities for all the different senses to make things practical, personal and real, there's also videos, a short talk by Lou, real life stories and lots of pudding!
All welcome whether you have a faith or not, you don't have to know lots or have a certain view. It's a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and our aim is to explore faith and Jesus together with love, respect and open hearts.