Monday, 28 March 2016

Celebrating Easter

Our young people took a major role in a packed main Easter Morning Service yesterday. The service was led by our youth worker, Lou McGoldrick. There were young people in the music group. The Bible readings used a video recording, and one of the young people gave the talk, pre-recorded on video.

There was an Easter egg hunt for the children, within the church, where each plastic egg contained a word which together made up a verse. For the prayers, everyone made a paper dart and put a prayer need on it. When the dart was thrown, someone else picked it up and prayed for the original person’s prayer request. This was repeated three times.

The service concluded with Holy Communion, using the shortest and most responsive communion prayer.

It was a time of great celebration, which makes all the sadder, the attacks on Christians around the world, who have also been celebrating Easter. Our hearts go out to the family of the Muslim shopkeeper who was killed, apparently, for wishing his Christian customers a happy Easter.

The news that Jesus Christ is not dead, but is indeed risen, is a cause of great joy.