Tuesday, 8 March 2016

African International Christian Ministry

One of our members, Kate Potter, is a trustee of a small charity “African International Christian Ministry (AICM).” This is the charity on which St Paul’s will be focusing its thoughts and prayers this month. At Sunday Morning’s Service, Kate introduced its work to the congregation. It is based on the small provincial town of Kabale, in the south-west corner of Uganda, close to the borders with Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

It works among the Batwa, the Pygmy people (which are found in all those countries and in Burundi). The Batwa tend to be isolated from society by the other ethnic groups and scorned by them. They tend to have had few opportunities for education, are very poor and suffer from ill-health. Their plight has been made worse in Uganda as the government has removed them from many of their traditional locations, to make way for the tourism associated with the mountain gorillas in the Forest of the National Park.

AICM has been involved in development and education work with the Batwa, but unfortunately severe storms have badly damaged many of the schools.

Let’s pray and give for this work, which would have so delighted Jesus, as expressed his concern for the poor.