Saturday, 21 November 2015

Looking Forward

The area Dean addresses those present
When the Rev Kim Ford was inducted as Priest-in-Charge of St Cuthbert’s Great Glen, it was as part of a reorganisation of Parish arrangements known as the 20/20 vision. The intention was that the Parish of Great Glen, together with the Parish of St Andrews Burton Overy and Carlton Curlieu should join in Team Ministry with the Parish of Oadby, St Peter's and St Paul's. On Saturday 21 November, members of the church councils from those churches met together in Church Langton Village Hall to discuss what the best arrangements for that team might be.
The meeting was convened and led by Tim Stratford, the Archdeacon of Leicester and Richard Brand, the Area Dean. After a time of worship, the different possible structures for the enlarged team were presented by the Archdeacon. Those present then met together in small groups, before and after lunch, to discuss the implications of those ideas, especially as they related to their particular churches.
There was widespread agreement that all the churches should either feature as Parish Churches, governed by Parochial Church Councils (probably the favourite) or they should all have District Church Councils with a single Parochial Church Council.
The Archdeacon and the Area Dean will now go away and see how the suggestions would look in practice.
It was a useful exercise and it was particularly good to get to know people in the different churches