Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Connected Church

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Amid all the challenges that life throws at Lucy, there’s one crucial thing that helps her stand tall – her faith.
Today, her outlook on life is transformed. Now she confronts her difficulties with firm resolve and faces the future with hope.

‘I no longer have an attitude of dependence… I have developed self-reliance,’ says this inspiring grandmother.

She knows that her new-found confidence is down to the support of her local church, backed by our partner Pentecostal Assemblies of God (PAG). She also knows that the life-changing work they do is made possible through your generosity.

As you’ll recall, Lucy recently recovered from a bout of malaria and she’s still struggling with a kidney infection.

She needs to keep farming to be able to feed her five orphaned grandchildren and send them to school. ‘Much as I feel pain, I have to work,’ she says. ‘When I do rest, there is nobody who can do the work for me.’

Her crops have been disappointing too. Even her beans, for which she had high hopes, are ‘very tiny’. Climate change is taking a heavy toll.

Despite these setbacks, Lucy recognises that she’s making good progress. She’s proud that she produces her own food now, instead of working other people’s land. She has to work hard for it, but she’s putting food on the table and even has some produce left over to sell.

She’s hugely grateful for your support and her message for you underlines the power of prayer: ‘What gives me joy is your prayers, because whatever I have achieved has been through your prayers.’

Please Pray

  • Pray that God will heal Lucy and restore her strength, so that she has renewed energy to farm her land. 
  • Pray that Lucy and her family will all continue to grow to become like trees ‘planted by streams of water’ so that ‘whatever they do prospers’ (Psalm 1:3).
  • Thank God that Lucy can now taste and see that God is good, as her life is transformed. Pray that many more families will know God’s love and power through the church in Ogongora.