Sunday, 19 July 2015

Farewell Priyanka!

Since last September, Priyanka Ferreira has been working as an intern at St Pauls. Her warm smile, cheerful personality and a willingness to take part in anything that was needed, coupled with her enthusiasm for her faith in Christ, have made her friends in every age group of the church.

This was her last official Sunday, though she promises to be back to see us. During the morning service, a youth worker, Lou McGoldrick presented her with gifts from the young people, while Colin Chettle, one of our Lay Readers, presented her with a gift from the congregation. After this a group of church members prayed for Priyanka and for her future.

Priyanka has yet to discover where God is leading her, after a holiday in India. Wherever it may be, we wish her God’s every blessing.