Friday, 13 March 2015

This Month’s Charity – CPAS

The charity which is this month’s focus for our prayer and giving at St Paul’s is CPAS. CPAS is short for “The Church Pastoral Aid Society.”  That sounds a bit of a mouthful, which is why the initials, CPAS are usually used. But actually the CPAS is “just what it says on the tin.” It is a Society which Aids (helps) Churches in their Christ given mission to Pastor (care) for their own congregations and the communities to which they have been called to witness to God’s love.

CPAS itself claims:
“We are committed to mission and equipping churches for their God-given task of evangelism.
We believe the most strategic way for us to help churches become more mission-focused is by developing effective leadership.
We long to see a Christ-centred, Bible-based, mission-focused Church where leaders are clear about their call to discipleship, growing in Christ-like character, and competent to lead in a time of rapid change; where leaders discern God's direction, enable action, build teams, develop leaders, facilitate communication, and nurture people;”

By its courses, training and literature CPAS has often helped St Paul’s in the past. We pray for its continuing role in the future.
CPAS website