Sunday, 8 March 2015

Lent Lunches

It has become an Oadby tradition that during Lent, on Saturday lunchtimes, each of the churches in turn provides a simple lunch – soup, roll, cheese and tea or coffee.

This Saturday, it was the turn of our church, St Paul’s Oadby, to provide the lunch. Some people from the church arrived early and set up the tables, with chairs and tablecloths in the church. Others then brought the soup and food.Guests from all the churches (and maybe none?) started arriving at midday. By the end, there were so many present, extra tables had to be erected. The high noise level suggested that many were catching up on friendships.

Although it was only a simple lunch, few would have suffered had they missed it. It was therefore appropriate that the money that was given was donated to Christian Aid, so that those who often have so much less to eat than ourselves, maybe helped to live free of starvation.

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