Thursday, 22 January 2015

Farewell Peggy

Today, at St Peter’s, we said farewell to a long-standing and much loved member of St Paul’s, Peggy Smith.

At St Paul’s, Peggy has been a friend to all and had been much involved – from the mother and toddler group “Teddies,” to “Coffee Pot,” serving the silver generation. “Upfront” she was most prominent for leading the “Birthday Slot” when everyone with a birthday that month comes to the front and is asked their name and when their birthday is (age optional). They were (and still are) then given a chocolate by a child, chosen by Peggy for that day. Finally, all those who have come forward are sung a version of “Happy Birthday” which includes a prayer for God’s blessing (Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, may God guide and bless you, Happy Birthday to you).

Peggy was a friend to al, but especially to the children. This Newport lass, who never lost her Welsh lilt always had a word for everyone. She was a wonderful witness to the love of God.

In recent years, Alzheimer’s robbed Peggy of the ability to come to St Paul’s and robbed us of her presence and her smile. Her husband, Ron, had supported her magnificently, until he died not long ago.

In her funeral service, led by Steve, our vicar, the Welsh hymn tunes reminded us of Peggy’s roots, while the words reminded us of the God and Father who now welcomes her to heaven where there will be no more suffering.