Sunday, 12 October 2014

St. Paul's Youth weekend away

This weekend we took 9 young people away from Tribe and FNY to the Harby Christian Centre for a time of fellowship, God time, fun and food!
We had 4 sessions looking at what God says about us, what he has done for us and the difference he can make in our lives. We also had football, basketball, volleyball, team games, challenges, a great British bake off competition, worship, prayer, music jam time, star gazing, time with friends, lots of food and a chance to get away from the pressures and challenges of life.
We all had an awesome time with the young people feeling that they had learned more about God and how loved and valued and amazing they are - and we couldn't ask for more than that! :) a huge thank you to the young people and leaders who made it possible. Bring on the next one! :) Lou.