Sunday, 26 October 2014

Free to Read the Bible!

Today was Bible Sunday. At a time when numerous Christians, in many parts of the world, are being imprisoned for possessing Christian literature – particularly Bibles, it is right that we celebrate our freedom to read the written word of God.

We had a display of Christian literature provided by CLC, the Christian bookshop. Their manager told us that they hold nearly 200 different versions and presentations of the Bible – enough choice to satisfy most people! After the service, the congregation was free to examine and purchase from the selection that he had brought with him.

In his sermon, Steve spoke of how easy it is to discourage ourselves that we do not spend sufficient time in the undoubtedly important activity of reading our Bibles. Instead, Steve challenged us to set goals as to how frequently, and for how long, we want to read our Bibles, and he encouraged us to share our decisions with others.

May everyone who has undertaken this challenge be enabled to meet it!