Sunday, 19 October 2014

Celebrating 50 years of Service

Today we took the opportunity to mark Dr. Keith Waddell's 50 years of service in Uganda and beyond. Keith is a gifted Opthalmologist who spends most of the year working in Africa with a brief visit back to the UK each summer. Yesterday a service of celebration was held in Mbarara Cathedral in recognition of Keith's work and today we were privileged to be able to contribute to his 'Fund for Disavantaged Youngsters'. This fund is aimed at educating orphans, children with disabilities and those from poorer families and some of Keith's current nursing team have come up through this scheme.                                                                                                                                                     
Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of

In this morning's Service we also focused on the work of Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), a Christian organisation that provides aviation, communications and learning technology in regions such as Africa, Asia, Eurasia and Latin America. Since Keith and his team frequently rely on MAF to fly them into inaccessible areas, it was good to be able to celebrate these two ministries which have brought such great benefits to so many people.