Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Helping Hands

The charity which St Paul’s supports and which we feature this month is "Helping Hands."  The charity offers a free, individual, face to face, and confidential service to help people deal with financial problems, debts, employment, or housing. 

In particular, they assist and advise about Welfare Benefit applications, with form filling and letter writing. They provide help with utility bills, consumer issues and family law.

In their publicity to potential clients they say: ” We have recently developed an outreach service so we can represent you at Welfare Benefit appeals and Tribunals. We can also go to the homes of housebound people to help them to fill out Welfare Benefit applications and deal with debts etc. We offer a ‘one stop shop’ service, so we can, for instance, provide a full package of care and assistance to the victims of domestic abuse including housing, financial and legal help.

We are encouraging anyone with debt problems to seek our help at an early stage.  Please, don’t let your debts mount up, and find that your interest payments are getting out of control. Just seek our help.”

We pray for their work and for the team which offers consultation at the Trinity Methodist Church in Oadby.