Monday, 30 June 2014

Principal Services – July – September

Dear Friends,

This year Back to Church Sunday has grown into
Season of Invitation where we pick up 5 services
through the Autumn term that we can specifically invite
people to. In readiness for this we begin this month by
focusing on the importance of invitation and look at
some areas that stop us from inviting. My prayer is that
this will give us confidence going forward to invite
others. An excellent, inspiring book written by the
founder of Back to Church Sunday, Michael Harvey,
called Unlocking the Growth is well worth a read.

As we head into August we begin a sermon series
based on Richard Foster's classic book Celebration of
Discipline. Over 12 weeks we will look at each of the
disciplines in his book. These break down into the
inward disciplines, the outward disciplines and the
corporate disciplines. I would recommend this book as
a summer read in readiness. It also contains some
study questions which Home Groups may wish to make
use of.

God Bless

(Revd Steve Bailey)    
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