Saturday, 31 May 2014

Welcome! Mr and Mrs Atkin.

It is always a joy when, fulfilling God’s creation plan, a couple set out in marriage. This is particularly true for a church when one (or both) of that couple have been long-time members. So it was a great joy, today, when Rachel Philpot and Andy Atkin were married at Knighton Evangelical Free Church.

Rachel has been a committed member of St Paul's, and before leaving for university she was our pianist and organist, roles she has often fulfilled since she returned. During recent months we have had the pleasure of getting to know Andy as well.

During the wedding service at Knighton Free Church, our vicar, Steve Bailey, led the marriage vows, while the Minister of Knighton Free, Andy Upton led the service and preached the sermon. In this he reminded the couple that as they committed themselves to Christ they deepened their ties with each other.

It was a very happy service in a full church. We wish Rachel and Andy God’s every blessing as they set out in their new life together.