Saturday, 10 May 2014

Readers Meet Together

Readers (often called lay readers) are an essential part of the Church of England’s ministry. They are volunteers, who receive no payment, and after about three years of part-time training they help the ordained ministers by taking services, preaching, and assisting in the pastoral work at the parish. As more and more parishes have been amalgamated, their role has become increasingly important.

One ordained minister is nominated to be the “Warden of Readers,” to help supervise and support the Readers’ Ministry. Currently, that is the vicar of St Paul’s, Steve Bailey. Each year, the Association of Readers Of the Leicester Diocese has an Annual Meeting. That was held today at St Paul’s.

After the Service of Worship, there was the Annual Business Meeting. This was followed by a presentation of the work of Teen Challenge. This is a Christian group running residential programmes to help people suffering from addictions. Many of those who join them find a Christian faith which is able to support them through the challenge of turning away from the addiction.

It is good to know that such help exists.