Saturday, 19 April 2014

Here We Are – This Is Us!

St Paul’s Church is rather hidden and cannot even be seen from the nearby Severn Road. However, when we went for a church picnic in Knighton Park, we were impressed by the banner that another church group had erected beside where they were picnicking. We knew who they were, but no one knew who we were. 

So we felt it would be useful for us to get a similar banner for use when we were away from our church building, as a group, so that people should know who we were. The District Church Council agreed. Thanks to the organisation of Ruth Smith and the artwork of Anona Griffin, we have now been able to obtain one. (See poor picture on the left) 

So, if we’ve found a way to increase our visibility away from the church, has anyone a good idea for how we could increase the visibility of the church building?!