Thursday, 27 March 2014

Thanksgiving for Ida Williams

Today, we held the Thanksgiving service for Ida Williams. Originaly from Jamaica, Ida moved to Oadby from her adopted town of Wolverhampton in the West Midlands some 10 years ago when her son-in-law, Simon Harvey, had become vicar of St Paul's.

Despite being transplanted from original surroundings, Ida rapidly established roots in Oadby being a much loved member of the congregation. Sadly, in recent months, her health had deteriorated and she left Oadby to join her daughter, Jennifer and Simon in their new vicarage at St Mary's Islington. However, she became even sicker and died two weeks ago.

Her funeral was held in Wolverhampton and although a few people from St Paul's were able to attend, many could not. Therefore, we held a service of thanksgiving for her today, which is the day of coffee pot, of which Ida was a regular member. About 40 people gathered to remember her.
The service was led by our vicar, Steve Bailey, using much of the background that Simon Harvey had provided. We sang two hymns which had been sung and two readings that had been used at her funeral and Gill Williams gave the same appreciation that she had used then.

People had the opportunity to talk of her love of the Lord Jesus, her very personal prayers and her prodigious knowledge of Bible texts. They also spoke of the warmth of her welcome and her pride in her flat. In concluding prayers, we thanked God for her life.

Ida, it was a privilege to know you. Now you are with your Lord.