Monday, 31 March 2014

Mothering Sunday

For centuries, Mothering Sunday, the fourth Sunday of Lent, has been the opportunity to remember mothers. In a bygone age, it was the one Sunday when servant girls were allowed to go to visit their mothers. Whether or not we have all been mothers, we have all had mothers and in the majority of cases, the memory is a happy one.

In our service yesterday, the children took posies of daffodils to their mothers and then to all the other ladies in church.

The service coincided with the third of our series of sermons on the Creed, in this case “We believe in the Holy Spirit.” We noted that not only is the Hebrew word for the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament (ruach) feminine, but also that her role in caring and encouraging Christians is parallel to that of a mother.

The service concluded with Holy Communion, with opportunity for prayer for healing; healing of all sorts being another role of the Holy Spirit.