Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Bible has Arrived

Well, the well-publicised series of two hour broadcasts on the Bible eventually started last Saturday with "Beginnings." Apparently, 1.2 million viewers watched it,  - which is 5.62% of the viewing public.
The series is obviously of great interest to the Jews who trace their lineage back through Abraham to Noah and Adam. But it is also of foundational importance to Christians for whom Abraham is their ancestor not by blood but by faith.
The series already demonstrates how humans have an inbuilt tendency to turn away from God – whether that be Noah's neighbours or the Israelites recently freed from Egypt. But it also tells how God rescued people and how he fulfilled his promises: Noah rescued from the flood, Abraham and Sarah given a son, the Israelites freed from Egypt. 
The next instalment, "Homeland" is on Channel 5 next Saturday, 7 December.