Sunday, 8 December 2013

Gift Day

Laying Gifts on the Table
Christmas is coming, when we remember Jesus, God’s greatest gift to the human race. Christmas is also a time when, traditionally, we too give and receive presents.

But first, at St Paul’s, we delight to give gifts to others in our society who are in great need. We held the gift service this morning. As already mentioned (Blog 19 November) the withdrawal of local authority grants has meant that only one of the homes for mothers in need, to whom we previously gave presents , is still open. So, during this morning's service, members of the congregation took up presents to be given to be children at this remaining home and also presents for asylum seekers with whom the Welcome Project is in contact. Additionally, monetary gifts were received to help the one continuing home keep functioning.

Our prayer, now, is that the gifts may be appropriate and give joy to those who receive them.