Thursday, 7 November 2013

Youth Update

Our Youth Worker Lou writes......It’s been a busy and exciting term, here are just some of the ways that God is working with our young people.

Friday Night Youth Friday Night youth is going really well, we have a good core of about 13 young people who gel really well together, we went to see a Christian singer/song writer on the 11th October and we may be going to see another Christian band play at a gig connected to the school’s mission at Gartree High School.

Sunday Morning Youth Our Sunday morning group is growing and running well, we have been exploring the relevance of the 10 commandments, which has provoked some brilliant discussions. As you may have noticed we have been looking to engage our young people in serving in our family services, in drama and worship, with a drama planned for the Christmas eve service so watch this space J
CY We’re now on week 6! How time has flown. We have a group of 8 young people, which is a mixture of our Sunday morning and Friday night young people. We meet together, eat, play games and look at a different aspects of the Gospel message each week. The course ends with a feedback form to reflect on the difference the course has made and what they may like to do next, whether that is to join our Sunday morning group or to explore confirmation or baptism.

Beauchamp CU This term we have changed our room, our publicity and started with a passion and drive to try and encourage more people to be part of the group. The numbers have already tripled and it’s going really well. We now have a leadership team made up of students and the youth workers involved and we’re looking into different mission ideas to connect with the rest of the school.
Gartree Gartree CU continues to attract a lot of young people who don’t have any connection with church, which is great. On the 1tth November the Christian band twelve twenty four are coming to the school to run a weeks mission including assemblies, RE lessons and a gig at the end of the week, Luke (OBC), Josh (St Luke’s) and I will be heavily involved with that, which is exciting.
Manor Manor CU continues to draw a variety of people from all sorts of backgrounds and religions. We have been running sessions on our identity in Christ. We have also done harvest assemblies and will be coming back to do Christmas assemblies in a few weeks time and at the end of that week, we’ll be running a “grill a Christian” lunchtime event to invite students to come and ask big questions about faith.
Please continue to pray for our young people, God has really blessed us in the last year and we pray in expectation that He can do even more