Sunday, 18 August 2013

Peace on Earth?

Our service this morning was led by Neil Griffiths, a member of our church who is training for the ordained ministry and our preacher was another of our members, Emmanuel Oladipo, who travels worldwide in his retirement, with the Langham Trust, training Christian ministers to use the Bible in their preaching.

Emmanuel dealt with the tension between the Christmas message of “Peace on Earth” and the reality of a world torn apart by strife and of Christians frequently being persecuted for their faith. He showed us how Jesus has already predicted this in his teaching and of how Old Testament, “Men of Faith” had, before then, suffered persecution and death.

He illustrated the persecution of Christians by some of his experiences as he had travelled, such as to South Sudan.

He explained how we were involved in the battle between good and evil, between Christ and Satan. That is seen both on the world stage and also in our daily lives. But ultimately, we look forward to Christ’s reign of peace.