Monday, 22 July 2013

Two Way Link

Dr Keith Waddell, with
colleagues,wearing his kanzu
on a previous occasion.
Yesterday, we welcomed as our preacher, Dr Keith Waddell. Keith, who is one of our members and owns a house close to the church. But he spends most of his year working as an eye surgeon in Uganda, as a member of the Africa Inland Mission. This was his last Sunday with us, this year, as he returns to Uganda in a week.

Keith came wearing the formal East African dress of a “kanzu,” as in the photograph. Starting with the work of Christ and the mission journeys of St Paul, he explained how the message that “Jesus is Lord” had spread around the world. He came to us, now, as a representative of the church in Uganda, sharing with us the encouragement of the enthusiasm and growth of the church there.

But, as he went to Uganda, he went as a representative of the church here. And he was able to share with the Ugandan church some of the economic benefits that we have. In a PowerPoint display, he showed us some of his work as an eye surgeon, operating and teaching at his base Hospital in Mbarara, but also taking part in eye camps, going to remote parts of Uganda, Southern Sudan and beyond.
He thanked St Paul’s for its prayers and support and showed a picture of the diamond tipped operating knife that our gifts had helped purchase.
Keith, in all that you do in the name of Christ, may God be with you till we meet again.