Thursday, 2 May 2013

Vote Today!

St Pauls Barnabas Centre was the site of the local Polling Station for the 2 May 2013 local elections. Although voting is rather out of fashion at present, for the sake of democracy it is important that all should vote. That right to vote has been won over the years, sometimes a great cost – and there are many nations across the globe who would love to share our right.

In the Bible (1 Timothy 2:2) we are urged to pray for all those who are in authority, so that under their rule we may be able to live peaceful and undisturbed lives, free to worship God. Further, St Paul reminds us (Romans 13:1-7) that all power is ultimately derived from God, whether those who hold it recognise it, or not.

There may be occasions when the authorities do things contrary to Christian teachings. It is then the duty of Christians to stand up against that wrong. But at such times, it is even more important that we as Christians pray for those in authority.

Whether we support the authorities, or are obliged to oppose them, the one position that we cannot take is to isolate ourselves from the political process.

So make your vote count!