Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Start ofthe New District Church Council (DCC)

Today saw all the splendour of the State Opening of Parliament. And as the government puts forward its intended legislation for the next year, our prayers are that the National Debt may genuinely decrease, that economic activity may rise, that unemployment may fall and that the needy may be provided for.

But last night, at St Paul’s, there was another new start, which was important, even though it lacked the splendour of monarchs, state coaches and ermine robes. It was the first meeting of St Pauls District Church Council (DCC), the decision-making body of our church. We elected our officers: Aileen Tincello as lay chairman, Diane Wright as treasurer, and, new to the role, Emma Angel as secretary. Our thanks go to them for their willingness to undertake these roles.

We discussed the donations that we will make, this year. As a sign of gratitude to God for his provision, we give away 10% of all that St Paul's receives, to charities and Christian work locally and across the world.

There were also more minor decisions, such as whether we could improve the facilities we have for projection of films and images.

Over the next year, there will be many decisions to be made. Some will be more crucial than others, but it will be important to get them all right. Let’s remember the work of the Church Council and its members in our prayers.