Sunday, 12 May 2013

Christian Aid Week – What’s Fair?

This is Christian Aid Week, when churches of different denominations join together to raise funds for “Christian Aid,” a Christian Relief and Development Agency (see website). It’s also an opportunity to raise awareness in England of the appalling inequalities in food and opportunities across the world.

At St Paul’s, our vicar, Steve Bailey, used the All Age Service to demonstrate how gross those inequalities are. Within the church, there are three blocks of seats. By chance, the numbers of seats in those blocks corresponded with the rough proportions of economic blocks within the world. Steve used chocolate raisins to signify food consumption. He gave those in the 15% block enough sweets for 15 each. The 30% got two each, while the 55% group got just one between three.

Everyone agreed that this was not fair! After talking about the need to redistribute the resources, the sweets were put in one bowl and everyone was invited to take three at the end of church. It was a good way of demonstrating the problem.

In the evening, a joint service was held at the Baptist Church. There will be different activities throughout the week, culminating with a sponsored walk next Sunday afternoon.