Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Many Thanks Paskal, And May God Bless You

For five years the Revd Paskal Clement has served in the Parish of Oadby as an Associate Minister. Although principally based at St Peter’s, he has been a frequent welcome visitor at St Paul’s, with his evident love of God, his prayerfulness and his humility.

Last night, he was licensed as Priest-in-Charge of the Parish of the Resurrection, located in the north-central area of Leicester City. A packed, joyful, licensing service, led by Bishop Tim, was held in the church of St Alban. Friends of Paskal and his wife, Akhtar came from all round the country, as well as from St Peters and St Paul’s.

Bishop Tim recalled Paskal’s road in ministry, which started as a Franciscan in the Roman Catholic Church in Pakistan and then moved to becoming an Anglican Self-Supporting Minister in London, before moving to Oadby.

In his sermon, which recalled how Peter jumped out of the boat in order to go to Jesus, Bishop Tim spoke of how it was sometimes important to let go our traditional securities in order to be free to work for God.

Our very best wishes from St Paul’s go to Paskal as he sets out to make Jesus’ love known in this often deprived and ethnically diverse area of Leicester. We look forward to visits from Paskal and Akhtar, to hear how things progress.