Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Source – Be, Say, Do

The week after Easter found a group of 12 people from St Paul’s travelling to Skegness (sunny but certainly not warm) on the bracing Lincolnshire coast. Here, they joined 5000 other Christians from many different denominations at the annual “Spring Harvest” held at the Butlins holiday camp.

For five days we studied together how Jesus is the source of our faith and how as individuals we should “be,” “say,” and “do,” the good news that he brings. With morning Bible Readings, Seminars, Study Groups and late-night entertainment, there was plenty to do both to fill the day and to build up one’s faith. That late-night entertainment included theatre groups, comedians and musicians,  You could also investigate the beach or try out the many Butlins entertainments.

But one of the highlights was the evening worship in the “Big Top” when one joined with 3000 others in worshipping God using some of the newest Christian songs, as well as a few old favourites. Through it all, we sensed God’s presence in a very real and special way. The question on our lips as we returned was “can we manage next year’s dates to go again?”