Thursday, 25 April 2013

Look Back – Look Forward

Every Anglican Parish is obliged to hold an Annual Parochial Church Meeting. For the Parish of Oadby, of which St Pauls is a part, this takes place tonight.

But this is much more than an obligation. It’s a time to look back – reports of the work last year have already been circulated – and an opportunity to thank God for the work we achieved and also an opportunity to thank the many members who have been involved.

Despite a widespread belief to the contrary, an individual parish like ours is not funded by any central source such as the Church Commissioners. So we depend on the gifts given by individual members of the church towards the work of God here. This year, we have fully met all our financial obligations, so we again give thanks to God and our members.

This is also the time when we choose the officers in the church – Churchwardens, Members of the Parochial (Parish) and District (St Peter’s & St Paul’s) Church Councils, Secretary, Treasurer etc. Their commitment will be invaluable in the next year and we also give thanks to those who willingly gave their time in fulfilling these roles in the past year.

This meeting may be an obligation, but it’s also an opportunity to look back, to look forward and to give thanks.