Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Alpha 2013 Course Dates

St Paul's is planning to run an Alpha course in the New Year. Below are the dates set for the course. For more information or to register an interest in the course please contact Steve on 0116 271 0519 or email
To find out more about Alpha please vist the Alpha website

Tue 5 Feb Alpha Launch Event - Christianity: Boring, Untrue and Irrelevant?
Tue 12 Feb Half Term
Tue 19 Feb Week 1 Who is Jesus?
Tue 26 Feb Week 2 Why did Jesus Die?
Tue 5 Mar Week 3 How can we have Faith?
Tue 12 Mar Week 4 Why and how do I Pray?
Tue 19 Mar Week 5 Why and how should I read the Bible
Tue 26 Mar Week 6 How does God Guide us?
Sat Holy Spirit Day – either 23 Mar OR 13 Apr
Tue 2 Apr No meeting, Easter week
Tue 9 Apr Week 7 How can I Resist Evil?
Tue 16 Apr Week 8 Why and how should I tell Others?
Tue 23 Apr Week 9 Does God Heal Today?
Tue 30 Apr Week 10 What about the Church?